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The Quissama Natural Reserve is about 70km outside of Luanda, and is a great spot to encounter some of the most amazing species of the continent. The Park is rich with elephants, antelope, giraffe, exotic birds, and numerous beautiful species of local flora. The long stretch of coastline within the Park is a perfect place to see the native sea turtles. Quissama makes a fantastic day trip, and is one of the rich locations that puts Luanda on the map as a viable tourist destination.

The Natural Reserve of the Islet of the Birds was established as Integral Natural Park in 1973. Located 8 km south of Luanda, occupies an area of ​​1.7 km². It is a small island that suffers periodic flooding, so the predominant type of vegetation are mangroves. The coldest months are July and August, with an average of 20 ° C. March is the hottest month with 27ºC. Rain on Average 54 days per year, a total of 449 mm. There are few mammals, but there are many types of migration, web-footed and wading birds.